Ursula Burgess

As a native of Germany, the rich history and presence of European art all around her influenced Ursula profoundly. She started to train and study with successful artists and art teachers in Europe and continued in the USA for over 20 years: silk painting and drawing in Germany, Watercolor, Acrylics, Oil, Collages and Sketching in the US. She keeps her art fresh and current with studies at Longwood University and constant intensive seminars with some of the best artists the US has to offer.

In the past Ursula Burgess has taught workshops at the Longwood Center for the Visual Arts, The Borrowed Space Gallery in Farmville, the Arts Camp at the Buckingham County Arts Center, and her Art Studio near Crewe among other places. She was the featured artist in various exhibitions, has been accepted to juried fine art shows and exhibits her art at businesses and different art shows. She is also a past president of “Central Virginia Arts, Inc.” and the current president of “Art of Virginia”, a coop for artists. Her artwork is also on display at her Studio/Gallery in Crewe or you can visit her Facebook page at 'Ursula Burgess Art Studio'.

Artistic and Teaching Philosophy:

As a summary of her artistic philosophy, she asks: "What is reality? Everyone has his own personal reality, although philosophically the totality of real things in the world is independent of people's knowledge or perception of them. But in my eyes I am allowed to rearrange, change, enhance, question and personalize reality in my art work, hoping you are intrigued enough to follow me on my journey."

What influences my work and teaching?

"I am all about color and light. Mood. Texture. Experimental applications. And fearlessness. I learn the most and discover myself best by painting or drawing a series. I often integrate travel mementoes, photographs and sketches from my journals into watercolor paintings and mixed media collages. People, family & friends, and foreign countries continue to be my greatest inspiration.

What do I want to accomplish in my classes?

Besides exploring together the many components to create a successful piece of art, I would like to ignite your own passion and encourage you to let go of your fear. I want to inspire you to want more and send you on your own journey."