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Marjorie Zlotowitz

There’s plenty of evidence that since the rise of humankind, we’ve been making art.  For lack of a cave wall, my first masterpiece, a maroon Crayola giraffe, was executed on the upholstery of a new piece of furniture.  Many years later, my mother assured me that that was when I began suffering for my art.

Ever since we humans figured out how to string stones and bones, we’ve adorned ourselves with things we find aesthetically pleasing.  I got in on that action after a half-century of drawing and painting.  Now, I view jewelry-making as 3-dimensional painting.  I love the colors, shapes, and textures of natural stones, various metals, and vintage beads.  The breathtaking beauty of the Central Coast of California provides endless inspiration. If you share my obsession with shiny, sparkly, and natural things, please have a look.