Leah Olivier

Born in California, raised in upstate New York, seasoned in New York City while working as a graphic artist and ad designer, Leah Olivier is an artist with a wide range of experiences. She has a degree in Illustration from Syracuse University and a Masters in Special Education from Longwood University.

She moved to Cumberland Virginia, with her husband 25 years ago and has been running her art studio, Olivier Studios, and teaching ever since. Her work has appeared in juried exhibitions and private homes around the country.

She works in many different media, pen and ink, pastel, oil, acrylic, watercolor, metal, clay and graphite.  She says that she chooses the media that the subject demands and goes from there. She enjoys translating an image, a thought or a feeling into a new form, whatever it may be. Guiding others, so that they too can do the same, is one of her passions. 

Teaching Philosophy:

My ultimate motivation as an art instructor is to have my students complete my classes as stronger and more empowered artists, people who are more engaged in life. When they complete the class with this sense of empowerment and upgraded artistic skills then I know I have done my job.

The art room is a safe and challenging environment in which my students grow and excel. A place to practice choice, self expression and the skills needed to do both well. My class is a safe place in which the students can explore, take risks and grow as artists and human beings and they have great fun doing it!