Betty Shapiro

I was born and raised in Louisville Kentucky. I have always been interested in making things, from sewing, needlepoint,crocheting, knitting, fiber felting, basket making and anything else I can get into...I love seeing a project come together and come to life. I am also passionate about travel and photography where I find lots of ideas for things I want to create and renew my spirits by looking at life's beauty...

My day job in the construction industry keeps me busy and unwinding by creating keeps me sane. I can be found most times with various projects underway and new ones waiting to come to life...I hope my love for creating never comes to a end.

I have 2 children who are grown and out there in the world and a grandson who is my pride and joy...I volunteer with the local fire department where I feel giving back to help those who are there for you is very important.

My hope is that all who take a basket class leave with a feeling of accomplishment and a prize of the basket they created.